Triple J&E Motors | About Triple J&E Motors
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About Triple J&E Motors

About Us

Triple J&E Motors provides many solutions for surface restoration and coating removal projects. We are professionals and take pride in our work.


No matter how big or small your project may be we are dedicated to making our customers happy and satisfied. We work on referrals and count on our clients for future business. Triple J&E Motors was created to counteract the harsh effects sandblasting has on people and the surrounding area.


This process is Eco-friendly and uses crushed, recycled glass mixed with water. The water mixture has a cooling effect on the metal and eliminates the normal dust plume associated with sandblasting. It’s fast, efficient, and leaves a paint ready surface. This makes dustless blasting a great option for a wide variety of applications, including the following:


  • Paint Stripping
  • Auto Restoration
  • Boats
  • Fleet Repainting
  • Pool & Fountains
  • Iron Fences
  • Tractors & Trailers
  •  And Much More.

Whether it’s Cleaning, Maintenance, Restoration, or Protecting… We’ve Got you Covered. Contact Us Today!


Timely, Professional, and Quality Property Maintenance Services.


The bulk of our services are exterior cleaning/maintenance services, we also offer several other services that not only help increase property values but can lead to a better quality of life. We strongly believe that having clean environments help foster better relationships, whether at work or at home.

Triple J&E Motors has you covered,

with our experience, insurance,

and reputation that you can trust



We are changing the way you can strip paint from your car, truck or fleet vehicles with our mobility and dustless sandblasting system.


Our Dustless Sandblasting system will easily eliminate graffiti, leaves the original surface intact, and is Eco-friendly to the foliage and environment nearby.


We are Mobile and come to your local shop or your storage location to complete this process. We are Eco-friendly and environmentally safe.


Dustless Sandblasting is the perfect tool for cleaning and DE-painting any type of masonry. Weather it be bricks, cinder blocks, stone, or concrete.


The sandblasting system can be used to restore antique furniture, log cabins, old lawn furniture, decks and patios, siding and much more.


Dustless Sandblasting is faster, easier, less messy and less expensive than any other method for removing line stripes.